Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If you think my hands are full...

I've heard from many people recently as they see me out and about with Caden and Noah that I "must have my hands full." And, it's true. My boys are a handful! But, I recently saw a woman with a shirt on that said, "If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart." It got me thinking, "Is my heart full"? So, as I sat and thought about it, I have come to a conclusion. My heart is wonderfully joyful that we have two healthy, loving, wonderful boys. They are the best job I've ever had, stretch me in ways I couldn't imagine, and I love them more than I would have told you was possible before we had children. They are such blessings. But, is my heart full, as in, cannot love another?
As I prayed about that, the answer the Lord gave me is a resounding no. My heart is full to overflowing, and I know that having a third child so quickly will be chaotic (or a third and fourth, should we get twins), but I guess the way I think of it is that my heart is a tall glass or pool, almost filled with love for our boys and my little family. Now, picture a kid joyfully taking a flying leap into that glass, doing a picture perfect cannonball right in the middle, landing safely in the love of his or her new mommy! Sure, there's going to be change, ripples throughout and puddles under the cup, but it's all love that spills out, joy that we'll share knowing God has blessed us with another child or more children. So, for now, we're waiting! Please continue to be in prayer for us and our boys, for the birth mother and what she's going through. We love and appreciate you all supporting us through this journey!

Lastly, our adoption agency has a Facebook page and I borrowed this picture from it. I just love it. We hope you all are well, and that God is holding you in His perfect peace, just as He is holding us!

Justin, Rachel, Noah and Caden

Friday, February 10, 2012

We're on the web!

We're up on the web! Our profile is up on the Christian Homes website, and we just couldn't be more excited. Justin and I were talking again with Noah tonight about having a little brother or sister, and it's so sweet to hear him talk about having another baby in the house. As if to give my heart an 'exclamation point', I went to Target after bedtime and saw a big brother, who was maybe sixteen, giving his little sister, who was maybe ten, a shoulder ride. They were so exicted to reach things on the top shelves, and she didn't mind punching all the signs up there, either! It was adorable and did my heart good to see a teenage big brother so unashamedly loving his sister. I may or may not have sort of followed them for an aisle or two, happy tears streaming down my face.
Justin and I stayed up late one night this week and, as it often does, our adoption became a topic of conversation. We talked a little bit about how our life will change. It was a great conversation, but I think the thing God sort of solidified in my heart was how much our lives will be blessed and changed by this precious baby (or babies) God will bring into our home.
God is so good to allow us to get to this point so quickly. We're praying a lot that the next phase is swift, but I'm selfishly praying that my heart will also be ready as He prepares me to be a mother, a third time around, to a baby that someone else knows so well, and who knows a birthmother as his or her sustainer of life. I'm praying for the relationship I'll have with our birthmother, knowing she's braver than I ever could have been. I'm praying for our boys, for Justin and for wisdom in the days to come. We covet your prayers, as always, but maybe now you can see just what to pray for. Thank you so much for caring enough about our journey to take some time out of your day to read about my thoughts. We have the best family and friends in the world, and we love hearing from you guys as you support us and pray for us!