Thursday, January 26, 2012


Great news!
We're officially approved for adoption through our agency! This is wonderful news, and we're so excited to begin the next phase of our adoption journey!

What this means:
We're done interviewing and have submitted all of our paperwork. The agency has done all of their paperwork, so we're done with that phase of this adotion.

What happens now:
There are multiple possibilities now, but these are the most two likely scenarios:

1) The agency will call us any time now, letting us know that a birthmother who has yet to have her baby would like to meet us for a potential "match". Depending on the circumstance, we would most likely meet her and make sure we all agree on how much contact to have, etc. after the adoption. If all that lines up, we'd just wait for her to have the baby and then we'd bring our third child home!

2) The agency calls us and says that a mom that has already given birth to a baby would like to meet us to make sure we can agree on post-adoption terms (contact, pictures, etc.). If we do agree, we can get our new baby from foster care ASAP!

So, either way, we've officially entered the waiting stage. We were certainly waiting before, but it was on paperwork processing. Now, we're waiting for a BABY! So excited!

At this point, we'd appreciate your prayers for the birth mother, for us and for the baby. That he or she would be healthy and would already feel the love that our family can't wait to bestow on him or her!
We'd love for you all to pray for us to be wise in what we agree to, looking at how the decisions we're making will impact the life of this precious baby for his or her entire life. Please pray that we would be wise about talking to our kids about this, and sensitive to their needs in this exciting time.
I would say pray for a quick match, but I think that God has that already in His hands, so His will be done. Amen and Amen! In short, pray hard, pray often and WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home Study Wednesday, January 18!

Our home visit is tomorrow afternoon at 2! Prayers appreciated and coveted, both for us, our wonderful case worker, our two boys and whatever other children God has for us! Thank you so much for walking with us through this journey!